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Privacy Policy

Last Revision Date: August 22, 2004

LF Office understands that on-line privacy, as any other type of privacy, is essential for the enjoyment of personal freedom.

We do not collect data that can identify you without your knowledge or consent, and this information is always provided directly by you. It is possible that we may ask your name, email or another piece of personal information in order to participate in mailing lists, forums, customized content, etc. You are not required to submit this information to view the web site's general content, but in some areas this information is required to participate.

We will only collect the information that is neccessary and relevant for the activity in which you wish to participate. For example, a mailing list subscription will only require your name and email address. We will always provide you a way to remove any information that we have collected from you. Any information that you decide to remove will be deleted permanently.

Cookies: LF Office may use cookies on the web site. Our cookies are associated only with an anonymous user and his/her computer and do not provide references that may allow to deduct your name or personal information. Cookies are stored on your machine, but they cannot read data from your system or read cookies placed by other providers. Cookies may be used for page visit counting and for content customization. You can configure your browser so that it warns you when a cookie is being created or so that it prevents any cookie from being created. Consult your browser documentation for more information.

LF Office will never share, much less sell your personal information to third parties.

LF Office takes all necessary measures so that your personal information is completely safe and free from non-authorized access.

LF Office will periodically revise its privacy policy. The last revision date will always be provided at the beginning of the document. If you have any question about this policy, feel free to contact us.

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